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Vortex - Lindsey J. Parsons A little slow to start, but soon picked up pace. Sam White is an ordinary girl at university when she meets Damian, a demon from another world. The first part of the story follows them as they piece together how to return Damian to his world. The story then follows what happens when they travel to his world.I loved the two main characters. Sam is independent and knows her own mind although she is a bit impulsive. Not that that is a bad thing! Damian is a demon with a conscience and tries to protect Sam. I hope to see their characters develop further in the next instalment and I would love to know more about Damian's background.I enjoyed the descriptions of Damian's world and it really sucked me in. The first part in Sam's world, I found to be slower which is why it took me a while to get into the story. I liked how the story was split into two distinct parts, there was no confusion as to which world they were in.Overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to number 2.