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LE MANS a novel (RUTHLESS TO WIN) - Dakota Franklin,  André Jute I never thought I would be giving five stars to a book about racing!I first read this prior to publication as I helped out with the editing. I have just completed my first re-read and I loved it even more on reading it for pleasure. The story follows the main character, Mallory from her hospital bed following a pretty serious crash, to her first race at Le Mans. Along the way she solves the problem of who is selling the secrets of the team to the rivals. There is so much action in the story, I didn't feel like I stopped for breath. There was just enough technical racing information to keep me interested without feeling bored. I felt like I was racing alongside Mallory in the car at Le Mans. I loved her as a main character, she was strong and capable, even when her life is in danger, just the sort of person I would love to be!The book would appeal to males and females alike and if, like me you have no interest in racing itself, you will love it if you are looking for a good mystery. By the time you get to the revelation of the guilty party, you will be hooked.Le Mans is part of a series which follows different characters in the racing world. I will definitely be checking out the next books in the series.