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My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel

My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel - Peter Rosch This was an okay read for me.The story revolves around an alcoholic, Max, and Sarah a woman he dreams about. Max is married and dreams about Sarah before meeting her. The story alternates chapters between Max and Sarah. It also shows the relationship between Max, his family members and members of alcoholics anonymous.For me, I found the writing difficult to follow. I'm not sure if it was deliberate, but the timing didn't flow very well. The story seemed to jump backwards and forwards in time too often without a clear idea of when events were taking place. Although I have no personal experience of alcoholics, I imagine this would be how Max views life, little pockets of time between binges - it was just quite difficult for me to follow.I would have liked to have seen more of Sarah's chapters, particularly towards the end. I actually found her character more interesting.Overall, I think if I had more experience of alcoholism I would have enjoyed this more, I just found it difficult to connect to the main character Max.